Pre and Post Wax Advice

At Beauty Basics, we take your comfort and well-being seriously. That's why we choose Ashmira Botanica waxing range, packed full of botanical ingredients from Mother Nature, to give you the most efficient, virtually pain free wax going.  With years ofwaxing experience, being trained by the Wax Daddy himself, Andy Rouillard, and having a real passion for providing the best customer service, you can be assured the whole experience will be easier and more relaxed than you imagined.  Honestly!


Allergy Information:

Please note that all Ashmira Botanica products contain argan, hazel seed/hazelnut and capuacu oils.  If you have a known allergy to tree nut oils, we recommend a patch test prior to waxing, or the use of alternative products. 

The Purifying Skin Spritz and Multi-Active Ingrown Hair Serum contain a derivative of salicylic acid and are not recommended for those with an aspirin allergy. 

Wild Violet strip wax and Mulberry peelable wax contain natural resins, which may cause skin irritation for customers with a sticking plaster allergy.  A patch test is advisable.